Saturday, January 4, 2014

MV & EE home comfort soundsystem 9 disc boxset

happy new year folks ∞

  SUPPLIES RUNNIN' LOW...don't miss it folks. 

  here you shall find what one of the deepest COMMIES calls "a truly unbelievable set of music"...and they were THERE, but don't take take their word, take it easy and go deeper yrself while supplies last.

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9 discs, duo exchanges and trio formation with mick flower
20 page book with interview/rare photos/track notes/etc...
hand assembled with love and quality
limited to 99 copies


In September 2012 sweet new MV & EE (along with crew/multiple tape machines/mick flower/beyond) were blazin' on a UK/european tour to support their "Space Homestead" LP (woodsist). This was sound with 3D spiral eyes for the unit was travelling with what they lovingly called their very own DIY wall of sound. 

A hand-built PA and analog visual environment was installed into your local club to beautifully tweeked effect by contemporary American space blues visionaries MV & EE for this one-off tour, and it’s time to welcome them in (special guests and kitchen sink included) into yr very own home with this box set. 

The Home Comfort Sound System was built to Matt and Erika's spec by sound engineer Tall James and combines with 16mm projections, slides, oils, and customized lighting devised by Hogge of Bristol’s infamous Cube Cinema.

  Playing time of the shows is EXTENDOID and loaded with good time front porch vibes, heavy acoustics and zero gravity jams blending with moving image, moonshine, local ales, cork and smoke in this untethered and other-worldly A/V show. 


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limited edition of 99 deluxe handmade cd on C.O.M.
hand bound, stamping, booklet, download slip, love

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